Privacy policy

Data protection

We wrote this privacy policy to explain what information we are collecting, how we are using collected data and which choices you have as a visitor of our website, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Unfortunately it is in the nature of things that policies sound very technical, but we have our best to simplify the important parts for you.

Automatic data storage

When you visit a website certain data is automatically created and saved, like on our website. If you visit our website, like you are doing right now, our server (the computer that this website is saved on) automatically saves data such as your IP-address, the addresses of the site’s registers you visited, details of your browser and the date and time of your visit. We don’t use this data and usually don’t share it with any third parties, but it may be used in a case of unlawful conduct.

Storage of your personal data

Any personal data that you submit on this website such as your name, mailing address, postal address and any other personal data you submit while filing a form or leaving a blog comment, along with your IP-address and the date and time, will only be used for the specified purpose and will not be shared with any third parties. We only use the personal data to communicate with those visitors who explicitly request to be contacted and for the execution of the services and products provided on this website. We will not share your personal data without your consent but it may be used in case of unlawful conduct. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any personal information sent via email. We therefore do not recommend the transfer of confidential information via email.

Your rights

You have the right to disclosure, correction, cancellation, restriction, data transmission, revocation and contradiction of your personal data. If you think that the processing of your personal data violates the privacy policies or that your data protection rights have been violated in any other way, you can contact the Supervisory Authority. In Austria this is the Data Protection Authority

TLS encryption with https

We use https to safely transmit data online. With the usage of TLS (Transport Layer Security), an encryption protocol to safely transmit data online, we can ensure the protection of confidential data. You can see that this safety measure is in use by looking at the lock symbol in front of the web address and the https scheme in our web address.


Our website uses HTTP-Cookies to save user specific data. A cookie is a short data package that is exchanged between the browser and the server. It has no meaning to the server or browser and is only used by the web application, for example in an online shop to save the contents of your virtual shopping basket. There are two kinds of cookies: first-party cookies are being created by our website, third-party cookies are being created by other websites (for example by Google Analytics). Cookies are grouped into three categories: essential cookies are used to ensure the fundamental functions of the website, functional cookies ensure the performance of the website and goal oriented cookies help make our website customer friendly. A few cookies will be saved on your device until you delete them; thisllows us to recognize your browser on your next visit. If you do not want this to happen, you can change your browser settings so that you can accept or deny the use of cookies. You can also delete all cookies that are saved on your device or just disable them all together. The methods to do this vary from browser to browser but you can easily look up tutorials on Google by searching “how to delete cookies on [name of your browser]” or “how to disable cookies on [name of your browser]”. Browsers are for example Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. If you disable cookies for this website, some functions may not work properly.


If you sign up for our newsletter, you are transmitting the personal data as mentioned above and you are giving us the right to contact you via email. We are exclusively using that data for the newsletter and we will not share it with any third parties. If you unsubscribe to the newsletter - the link to unsubscribe can be found at the bottom of the newsletter - we will delete all data that has been saved with the newsletter registration.

Google Maps privacy policy

We are using the Maps services of the company Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) on our website. If you use the functions of Google Maps, data will be transmitted to Google. You can read about Google’s datausage here;

Google Analytics privacy policy

We are using Google Analytics of the company Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to statistically analyze user data. Google Analytics uses goal oriented cookies. You can find more information about the terms of use and the data protection here; or


Our goal with respect to the GDPR is the improvement of our product range and advertising image. Because the privacy of our users is very important to us, the data is being pseudonymised. The data is processed on the basis of the legal provisions of the § 96 Subsection 3 PR and the Article 6 EU-GDPR Subsection 1(a) (consent) and or Subsection 1(f) (legitimate interest) of the GDPR.

Deactivation of the data collection by Google Analytics

With the browser add-ons for the deactivation of Google Analytics-JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, ds.js) website users can prevent Google Analytics from using their data. You can prevent the transmission of your data and cookies generated on this website to Google b by clicking this link and downloading the browser plug-in:

Google Analytics data processing amendment

We have accepted the Google Analytics data processing amendment. You can read more about the addition to the processing of data for Google Analytics here:

Google Analytics IP-anonymisation

This website implements the IP-address-anonymisation by Google Analytics. This function was developed by Google to ensure that websites can still follow the data protection policies and recommendations by the local data protection authoritieseven if these prohibit the storage of the complete IP address. The anonymisation or masking of the IP address happens as soon as the IP reaches the Google Analytics database and before the data is processed or saved. You can read more about the IP-anonymisation here:

Google Analytics reports about demographic characteristics and interests

We have activated the Google Analytics function for promotions and advertisments. The reports about demographic characteristics and interests contain information about age, gender and interests. With that information we can, have a better understanding of our demographics, without being able to match those characteristics with any names. You can read more about this here: You can deactivate the use of your activities and information on your Google account by changing your ad settings here:

Google Fonts data policy

We use Google Fonts by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) on our website. The use of Google Fonts happens without authentication and no cookies are being sent to the Google Fonts API. If you have a Google account, no Google account data will be transmitted to Google while using Google Fonts. Google only detects the use of CSS and the used Fonts and saves that data securely. You can read more about that here: You can read more about which data Google saves and what that data is used for here:

Google Analytics deactivation link

If you click the following link, you can prevent Google from detecting when you visit this website. Caution: The deletion of cookies, the use of incognito/private mode or the use of a different browser will cause the data to be recollected.

deactivation link